What is SMS Marketing?

Firstly, SMS is abbreviated from Short Message Server. A simple and effective communication method that links mobile devices. Furthermore, it’s also known as text messaging. Text message marketing is an extremely simple and effective distribution technique that works smoothly alongside other campaign vehicles such as email, SEM, landing pages & social media. For instance, after producing a landing page for a particular product, service or game you’ll want a variety of relevant new and existing users to consume the information. Therefore, by incorporating SMS marketing into your marketing plan you’ll instantly reach the desired audience. Furthermore, obtaining a quicker response!

Differences between SMS & Email

SMS and Email Marketing are two extremely powerful tools for inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Therefore, by combining the two, you’ll be in a position to obtain new leads and nurture the existing ones.

For instance, you’ll start by producing content that encourages users to sign up. Then mix in SMS and Email messages to nurture your lead. As an example, you could offer a promotion or bonus to new customers. Create a communication sequence. An active user is a profitable consumer! 

Easy to Measure

We provide monthly reports merging website data from all our campaigns. We’ll provide in-depth reports for all your marketing distribution & activity.

Quick Offerings

Utilize this direct approach by presenting your customers with a discount code. Boost your revenue with a coupon campaign directing traffic towards a bespoke landing page.

GDPR Friendly

Due to changes in regulation in the UK, EU & EEA Markets. Companies must ensure that recipients have opted-in. All our campaigns are GDPR Compliant.

Highly Effective

SMS Marketing is highly effective. Not only are you communicating directly. But, you’re able to receive quick responses simply at the click of a button.

Text Message Marketing with GDA Media

At GDA Media we’re experts in content marketing and distribution. We’re able to design and implement an SMS marketing strategy that’ll perfectly suit your business’s objectives. Not only boost website traffic. But, text messaging when used properly will boost revenue and retention.

Our Instant Messaging Services: 

  • Unlimited text distribution per month
  • Competitive cost per text rates
  • Content production for each unique message
  • Lead Generation
  • Database management (New subscriptions & Unsubscriptions)
  • Bespoke landing page design for your website
  • GDPR Support — We’ll ensure your campaigns are compliant across all markets

In addition, the use of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat and Telegram has increased over the last 12 months.

Now, more and more consumers are sharing within private message groups opposed to social media newsfeeds.

So, as an extension to Social Media & SMS Marketing, we’ll assist you to grow your community on mobile and communicate with your audience directly.

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