Integrated digital marketing campaigns

Producing a digital marketing plan exclusively using a sole media channel could end up devaluing your long-term objectives. There’s no need to exclusively target to one specific medium. Which is why in this post, we’ll explain in more details some tips that’ll provide a clearer understanding of integrated digital marketing. Furthermore, determining how fluctuating content through channels can provide a growing advantage for small to medium businesses (SMBs) and startups.

What is involved in an integrated digital marketing campaign?

To begin with, let’s evaluate the different digital media channels that are available to you. There’s SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), Email and Social Media. The aim of an integrated marketing plan is to seamlessly promote the same promotional messages across multiple platforms.

SEO & PPC – together they’re maximizing revenue

As well as content variety and semantic changes to websites; another driving factor to SEO is conversion rates. Therefore, mixing in a Pay Per Click strategy will ensure any website, service page or product reaches the top of all main search engines.

landing-page-300x275 HOW TO PERFORM INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING? Marketing Tips Startup Guides

Our preferred tactic at Genius Digital Agency is to produce a landing page that not only ranks organically but also contains simplistic calls to action (contact forms), accessible to all consumers. Additionally, using the same message across a single campaign maintains your brand consistency. Most importantly, it’ll present concise and measurable reporting; making it easier to provide recommendations for future growth.

Mixing in Social Media Marketing

Once you’ve created a landing page that stands out. As efficient as Search Engine Marketing is. Don’t just rely on it! Mix in Social Media & present something different to your community. Additionally, PPC within social media allows you to target specific individuals based on the pages they like; the websites they visit and their previous activity on your website. Simply, after running the campaign, you’re able to view exactly how consumers interact with your brand. Before, after & whilst it’s in play.

Adding something with Email

Email Marketing could become the central communication tool between you and your customers when used properly. For instance, once you’ve run a mix of SEM & Social Media advertising campaigns and you’ve picked up a series of relevant contact details (existing & new customers). Start producing a monthly newsletter. Monthly newsletters are a great way to spread the message and obtain a deeper knowledge of your customers. Post Advertisement.

Therefore, the perfect integrated digital solution that mixes inbound and outbound communication starts with the outbound SEO, PPC & Social advertising of landing pages. Followed up with an email communication such as a newsletter to nurture and soften the lead into a sale.


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