It’s Time to Take Advantage of Programmatic Display Advertising

Display Advertising at GDA Media Ltd

There is a new form of advertising available. Programmatic display advertising. This comes in a number of different formats from the more naturally fitted Native Campaigns to mobile push notifications and Google/Bing search advertisements.

Programmatic display advertising presents your brand with the perfect opportunity to get directly in front of prospective and existing customers. In addition, at GDA Media we use a variety of programmatic advertising networks which present your messages to customers at the right time in their customer journey.

The advertising networks & formats we use:

  • Social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest, Quora and more.
  • Native Advertising. A simple sponsored advertisement designed to fit perfectly and relevantly within news articles.
  • Banner Advertising. Through Google Display Network and other renowned media publishers, Banner Advertising allows you to reach a larger audience who are already researching your competitors.
  • Mobile Advertising. Our advertising systems incorporate all mobile formats from simple banners to in-app banners, advergaming and push notifications.
  • Paid Search Engine Marketing. As registered Google Partner we’re able to manage and monetise campaigns to help boost your brand awareness and sales cost-effectively throughout the major search engines. Not just using Google AdWords, but also Bing and Yahoo.

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Your global display advertising partner

At GDA Media Ltd, our Display Specialists will create a strategy that incorporates a diverse mixture of marketing tactics perfectly aligned with your business goals. These can include brand awareness, remarketing and lead generation.

We are experts at driving results in a cost-effective manner. Although, without a perfectly crafted display campaign it’ll be difficult to generate leads.

Therefore, as part of our full-service display advertising programme, our in-house design team will produce bespoke branded material.

We know how advertising platforms work. Therefore, we utilise these with a perfect mix of text, image and branding messages.

Get the branding and creative right and the leads and sales will follow.

Lead Generation & Brand Awareness Expertise

As soon as our experts have solidified your advertising strategy and the creative is approved and ready to go. We will begin the rigorous review and monetisation of the audience, placements and keywords. Furthermore, when setting up campaigns we ensure that it’s been set up for remarketing. This is a process that enables Campaign Managers to retarget consumers based on their previous web activity. For example, maybe somebody clicked your ad, viewed your products and did nothing. Therefore, at GDA Media, we’d produce remarketing sequences that enthuse your brand and push for final conversions.

Our Passions for Advertising

At Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media Ltd), we live for data and analysis. Which means you’ll receive prompt, clear, concise and consistent reportings keeping you up to date with campaign performance. In addition, part of the reason we’re always reporting, analysing and monetising campaigns is so your brand perceptions remain at the forefront.

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The Advertising Networks we're currently using by %

Paid Search 100%
Native Display 90%
Mobile Display 95%
Push Notifications 75%
Social Media 75%
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