Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media Ltd) are an experienced Blockchain Marketing Provider. Specialising in providing effective and efficient digital solutions to support the launch of your Initial Coin Offering.


Financial, Crypto & ICO Marketing

We’ll help you to launch your Initial Coin Offering with a concrete and thoroughly planned out marketing strategy.


In 2017, 66% of the Blockchain companies and their Initial Coin Offerings missed out on their initial goals.

There were numerous reasons for this. Such as the product offering not being exciting enough for investors. In addition, another crucial element to creating an Initial Coin Offering is a solid, yet scalable marketing strategy.

Why is Blockchain Marketing important?

When producing an ICO Marketing Strategy it is pivotal that you pay attention to the following.

  • $3 Billion has been added to ICO Funding. So, professionalism, passion and regular marketing activity are important to excite any investor.
  • Discuss Token distribution and a release your strategy.
  • Focus on producing a unique Whitepaper for your investors & clients.
  • Keep engaging with your audience.
pexels-photo-844127 Initial Coin Offering: How do you produce an ICO Marketing Strategy?

Investor Trust is Pivotal!

The critical ingredient for any investment marketing strategy; is earning trust! Whether that is general stocks, shares, forex, banking, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

So, with a structured content strategy and dedicated ICO Community Manager, your investors will be consistently updated.


Moreover, when you’re presenting customers with an opportunity to invest their hard-earned money; it’s extremely important that they thoroughly understand your product offering.

We’re aware that in the financial technology (FinTech) sector, marketing campaigns can be complex and difficult to run.

Why can Financial & Investment Marketing be difficult to operate?

  • There are tighter regulations within the investment space.
  • Fraudulent scams often occur. It’s important to monitor and regulate your platforms and present transparency.

In order to counter these difficulties, GDA Media will ensure that you remain in full control of your online reputation through micro-managed ICO marketing campaigns. Further ensuring they’re compliant globally and return leads at an exponential rate.

Personalisation & Transparency is Key to our strategies

As part of our Blockchain Marketing Solution, we’ll provide you with a dedicated ICO Community Manager. Whose specialism includes Online Marketing, Project Management, Community Engagement and Content Production.


We will provide you with a dedicated Blockchain & ICO Community Manager. They’ll be your single point of contact throughout all our campaigns.

Moreover, we know that it can be time-consuming building a community online and offline. Therefore, by outsourcing your community outreaching activities to Genius Digital Agency we are able to provide a white label solution that presents your brand at the forefront of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency community.

Our Community Managers are experienced in:

  • Reaching large audiences at cost-effective rates
  • Delving into Reddit and Twitter feeds to communicate your ICO
  • Driving web traffic through multi-channel marketing campaigns. E.g. Email & SMS, Blogs, Social Media, YouTube and PPC Advertising Networks
  • Public Relations & Community Outreach
  • Project Management: Meeting deadlines, timescales and planning agile & adaptable business projects

ICO Digital Marketing Strategy

When producing a new Digital Marketing Strategy we use this five-step process.

  • Firstly, we perform a detailed account of your industry. Further looking at your current position, current branding & competition. E.g. Find out where investors are coming from and what they expect.
  • Secondly, we begin to define the marketing strategy. Which is how we approach the audience. E.g. How to do communicate with potential investors?
  • Moving forward, stage three is the Communication Plan. This is where you’ll meet your dedicated ICO Community Manager, responsible for content production and community outreach.
  • Budgeting & Forecast: based on your initial brief and proposal. We’ll help you determine the budget for your campaign.
  • The final stage. Which will be continuous. We present monthly data analysis to our clients. Looking in detail at web traffic, social comments, profile growth, lead generation and much more.

Promoting your Whitepaper

It’s pivotal that you produce an in-depth ICO Whitepaper; that’s also scalable to be understood by multiple audiences. Furthermore, provide a semi-technical explanation and a more concise edition for less technical individuals. Investors love to see a well-detailed Whitepaper explaining how your system works, the ICO token distribution process and a roadmap expressing your potential growth patterns.

Differently, we’ll help you design and promote the Whitepaper & Road Map on your website and different formats.

  • Create a fully functional webpage for your Whitepaper
  • Summarise it as a blog article
  • Share it on Social Media or in a Forum

Your Blockchain Content Strategy

In a highly competitive cryptocurrency market, you need to create an unforgettable buzz about your product.

Therefore, your dedicated ICO Community Manager at Genius Digital Agency will provide a well-structured marketing strategy. Whilst working closely with our Content Managers to produce refreshing & engaging material.

Our Content strategy is tailored to your Initial Coin Offerings and is swiftly interchangeable to meet the diverse needs of your audience. Moreover, as part of our typical ICO Content Strategy, we focus on some of the following digital marketing channels.

  • Forums, Twitter & Reddit: It’s important to choose the most relevant social media platforms for your audience. Therefore, you should be regularly answering questions from the public.
  • Messaging App Marketing: Messaging application growth is increasing. By creating private groups for your ICO on mainstream platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Discord; you’re able to present detailed updates about your ICO token distribution process.
  • Blogging & Vlogging: Create a Youtube channel and start Vlogging. Also, produce investment webinars and Founder interviews. Stay active and engage with your audience.

Public Relations Outreach

The technology sector is immensely competitive. Therefore, considering using Public Relations (PR). PR presents an opportunity to express your desires and passions towards a global audience.

At GDA Media we have a network consisting of some of the best Journalists ready to showcase your idea.

Simply, send a short brief to your ICO Community Manager and we’ll do the rest.


You'll need an Online Community Manager.

Let the dedicated FinTech and Cryptocurrency team at Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) grow your community; whilst showcasing your cryptocurrency across the world.


We have experience in providing agile solutions for startups and companies within the FinTech industries.

Therefore, we will provide assistance when rolling out your Initial Coin Offering and enthuse a Buzz around your brand.

Now, let us share our ICO Marketing Experience with you. Expect More:

  • Competitive quote to perfectly suit your budget.
  • Your own dedicated ICO Community Manager.
  • Personalised Service tailored to your company.
  • Full end-to-end support for all Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Campaign reporting & evaluation — helping to monitor success.
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