Introducing Messenger Apps

More and more users have begun to communicate and spread their opinions across Social Media in 2018. This year, Facebook changed their algorithm to best suit personal experiences.

Therefore, presenting a relatively new opportunity for businesses to communicate with customers, subscribers and generate leads.

This is through messenger apps. Based on a report by Buffer earlier in 2018 only 20% of businesses utilized messenger apps.

Which is a shocking statistic when you think about it. Statistically speaking because as of July 2018, WhatsApp had 150bn active monthly users, whilst Facebook Messenger had 130bn and Snapchat & Telegram had between 200-300 million users monthly. Just by looking at these statistics it should be easy for you decide whether to implement messaging into your digital strategy.

Therefore, in this post, we’ll explain in more detail about the best messaging apps to use and how to incorporate messaging apps into your marketing strategy.

Which Messenger Apps can you use in your marketing strategy?

  • WhatsApp – with around 1.3 billion users and various features to help reach your audience, WhatsApp is the most common messaging app to communicate your brand identity globally.
  • Facebook Messenger – Again with a high quantity of active users. Facebook messenger offers something unique. The Message Bot. Simply you’re now able to automate the simplest customer service questions.
  • Snapchat – with 200m users monthly, Snapchat doesn’t just provide simple texts. Start by sending snapshots of your products, behind the scenes services or insightful infographics.
  • WeChat – if you’re ever looking to amass the Chinese market. WeChat is a fantastic tool. It’s said that the majority of users run their lives on there. From messaging, reading to news to paying bills. Therefore, WeChat’s functionality offers a prosperous future opportunity for businesses to grow their community.

Incorporating Messenger Apps into your branding & social strategy

How high is your social media presence? What is your average monthly engagement per post? If you’ve noticed a decline over the last few months it’s time to tweak your social strategy. Bring in messenger applications. In addition, you can also present your corporate brand image through web messages. Simply, create a group, brand it up and distribute internal communications materials and instructions to the coworkers.

Here are some of the techniques you can use online messengers for:

  • Customer service communication. Facebook Message bots & contact centre style Live chat.
  • Message boards & Group Conversations. Create a group for exclusive service offerings
  • Bring in exciting Brand Ambassadors. With group conversations, you’re able to inform and instruct your Ambassadors & remind them of product promotions and updates.
  • Internal Communications. Maintain consistent branding. You can also use online messenger apps for department communication & opposed to email newsletters, you’ll get quicker authentication of a response.
  • Tell your stories. According to Buffer’s report, organic reach on Facebook is starting to decline. Therefore, another media vehicle to target is the “story.” As well as posting, spend extra time designing convertible images. Produce infographics or show a highlight from your office. Creating stories on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat will help you to reach a wider audience. Moreover, with a simple click somebody has already noticed you.

The best thing about all these is that the only requirement is phone number. The only cost is time. But, time is profitable when used effectively.

So, for looking at messaging and direct communication applications it’s clear that single posts on commercial pages aren’t enough. To properly showcase your brand, drive & nurture leads and maintain customer satisfaction produce a wider variety of content and look further than the traditional posting networks.

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