Online Reputation Management is the practice which involves a number strategies that will improve your brand recognition. Furthermore, ensuring that customer reviews and opinions are maintained, representing you professionally and positively.

As experts in Online Reputation Management and Customer Advocacy; GDA Media will provide your Personal or Corporate brand with control over public perceptions.

Through rigorous digital marketing tactics, we’ll ensure that the core online media vehicles represent you with honesty and integrity.

It’s difficult to manage it alone

Managing your reputation online can be difficult to control by yourself. This is because the information sources can often be hidden through web domains, social media sites and numerous Press Releases.

For example, if you’re running a restaurant somebody might leave a poor review after an evening. If the reviewer has a high social media following it can be difficult to resolve and follow up. Sometimes a simple reply & discount won’t cut it!

The perfect way to counter this is to approach industry influencers first.

Through articulate research, the team at GDA Media are able to determine exactly who the most important influencers are within your industry.

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There a number of marketing tactics that can be implemented to ensure your reputation maintains its credibility.


  • SEO. Linking building, Backlink Analysis and Content Production
  • Customer Advocacy. Managing review sites & social media comments
  • Public Relations. Distribute press releases to promote a positive brand image.
  • Social Media. Authenticate and manage your social media accounts
  • Legal. if necessary legal action can be taken to prevent copyright issues

SEO & Link Building tactics

Moreover, when optimizing your website, an important element of your SEO strategy should be to obtain quality Backlinks.

In some cases, websites that have just been launched or contain a large variety of content can fall victim to poor quality links, regarded as spam by the search engines.

Furthermore, you must own your branded keywords! GDA Media will audit and review your search ranking and begin to filter out any fake and poor quality links that are “representing” your brand.

Therefore, when implementing a solid SEO strategy you’ll see a reduction in irrelevant and low-quality links. Following from this, another significant strategy that’ll improve your online reputation is PR (Public Relations).

Customer Advocacy

To begin with, Customer Advocacy should become your most powerful weapon. Therefore, by taking appropriate measures on social media, on your website and other third party sites (such as Glassdoor) it will be easier to track and monitor customer & stakeholder conversations.

In addition, there are various Customer Advocacy Platforms that we can set up and monitor your brand with. These include TripAdvisor and Trustpilot.

At GDA Media, we’ll provide in-depth insight into your customers. Further enabling you to learn and understand exactly how to interact with your brand.

Online Public Relations (PR)

Start by pushing your brand throughout the local, national, international and trade media. Not only boosting your online reputation but also providing positive link juice for your SEO strategy.

We know it can be difficult to keep track of journalists and push your message out there. Which is why at GDA Media, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your message is professional and delivered directly to the hands of relevant media outlets.

Social Media & Content

Despite managing your accounts within the core social networks. It’s important to look at other third party websites where you can express your brand and portray a positive image. For instance, Glassdoor has a focus on Employer Branding. A network where employers, employees and job seekers can discover more information about jobs or write a review about a company.

A presence here is necessary, but like any review site, it’s pivotal that you keep it maintained. With the Glassdoor example, liaise with the HR Department to ensure brand guidelines are met during the recruitment process. Furthermore, ensure that all reviews are responded to in a professionally branded fashion.


Aside from the marketing activities, it’s important to know your legal standing. Make sure you know the basics of Copyright Law and you own a Patent on all your branding materials.

Starting with the logo, the tagline, images, website, social media profiles, products and services. Most importantly. Make sure your idea is watertight!

If it comes down to it and someone is using your identity to compete, instruct your Attorney to distribute a legal letter explaining your rights to the content. GDA Media are able to advise you when working on this tactic.

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For more information about our Online Reputation Management Services. Contact the team at GDA Media and we’ll begin to work on solidifying your brand identity.

Start taking more control over your brand & manage your stakeholder communication!

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