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Investing in social marketing has numerous benefits. Everything starts from the marketing principle: “markets are conversations.”

For these reasons, social networks have become increasing popular and profitable markets.

Since the introduction of the popular web 2.0 there has always been direct correspondence between companies and consumers.

Adding that, the online space is a great resource that, thanks to the rampant “phenomenon” of social networks, millions of people across the world are able to share their opinions and discover new brands.

More and more consumers are on social networks

According to statistics. Every day about 75% of the population is online generating conversations.

Therefore, providing the ability to reach users and build communities in a useful space where the advertising message establishes a conversation (with subtlety) is of great value and provides a cost-efficient communication channel.

The diffusion and investment in social media marketing is now increasing. Since 2012 it has allowed small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to grow and cross sell across different communities.

This, in fact, has pushed some companies to double the social marketing investment.

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Social Media Marketing or Social Network Marketing involves a series of:

  • Promotional activities (online purchases, traffic to websites, brand awareness)
  • Relationship activities
  • Brand positioning activities
  • Human resources management activities
  • Community outreach and PR

These activities, today, are used across all social networks. With each having their own unique audiences and formats. The most common networks are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


Social Networks and the Blogs constitute the main ingredient or Social Marketing.

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube – Pinterest – Snapchat – Linkedin – WhatsApp + Telegram – Your Blog

Social networks have always connected people and companies in a direct way and this is the role that social media marketing identifies.

Building communities on social networks is the mission of brands because the use of these tools allows immediate feedback on their activities and on the services offered.

To properly leverage social media marketing; companies should create a sense of belonging in the user and push them to perform specific actions (shares, interactions, evaluations, clicks and purchases).


How to develop a basic social marketing plan:

  • Select the most relevant social networks
  • Establish the budget (budget for campaigns and to eventually pay agencies or internal workers)
  • Designate internal and external roles to produce and schedule posts
  • Analyze and choose targets
  • Choose a unique voice tone – maintaining brand consistency
  • Choose the products you’d like to promote
  • Measure campaigns with analytics tools internal and external to the platforms used

Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) experts can guide companies through the process to enable all social activities, set up profiles, advertise and report on performance. Get in touch today, to find out more.

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Brand Awareness:

Social Networks have different benefits, the first one is definitely to strengthen the brand! How? By communicating and interacting with users, you will receive a significant increase in traffic to your website and an improvement of the brand.

Increase sales: 

Social marketing helps to increase the online visibility of a company and acquire new customers. Social media do not sell but supports the sales action. How? By measuring ROI, monitoring what competitors are doing, defining our target for potential customers, defining our strategic goals, defining the budget and measuring results.

Improve the online reputation:

The third reason for the use of social networks is related to your online reputation! Everyone has the opportunity to become a point of reference and create their own online audience and this is true for companies as well as for professionals. It does not mean creating a mass of useless information and divulging it on social networks. Instead build a community and learn about your customers.

Improve customer satisfaction: 

How? By creating a relationship with customers. For example, answering all customers who interact with you both to compliment and to criticize.Therefore, with social networks, a customer satisfaction strategy can be structured, in fact the more a customer feels followed the more satisfied he is. The fourth reason to use social networks is linked to customer relationship activities!

Improve the enterprise identity:

For companies, social networks can be a very useful tool to improve and strengthen their identity within the market they operate. This is achieved with the constant publication of everything that represents a success for the company.

Talk about what you are good at in your business and above all let your customers and partners speak through interviews, videos and images.

Why? Because every potential customer, before relying on you, goes in search of information: about what you do and what you say. By doing this your social pages can influence purchase decisions.

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