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An exquisite website design is a core competence in the work of Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media). Over the years, GDA Media has been able to adapt to each of our customer requirements: from corporate web design, to the design of complex E-Commerce sites, to the most recent “Responsive” design and more activities related to the branding.

Dedicated web design support

The web designers of GDA Media are differentiated through their personalized and dedicated service, ensuring that each client’s requirements’ have been met. The GDA team cooperate with clients providing 1 on 1 support with website design and general website management.

Furthermore, with a more personalized approach, Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) takes pride in providing a full end to end service, where the customer is kept in direct contact throughout the entire project, in order to obtain constructive feedback.

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During the web design process the different skills of the professionals of GDA Media participate in the realization of your dream: next to the programmer, the SEO manager works side by side to complement the site with an architecture and code suitable to be indexed more quickly on search engines; not only that, but also our UI & UX programmer (User Interface & User Experience) contributes to the project with their knowledge of website usability and flexibility, which ensures each customer’s needs are met.

Programming for the web involves the search for a delicate balance to obtain the maximum result in the user experience, concealing it from the underlying complexity.

Creating an innovative web interface

The web development challenge is to create an innovative system modeled on the needs of your customers, to realize the ideas through solid technical preparation and to keep a watchful eye on consumer interaction. To transform the vision into reality, a transverse knowledge of the subject is required: ranging from programming languages to software potentials, server operation and Information Security.

Our projects are characterized by innovation and technical attention, allowing them to be at the forefront and to be born with both eyes on the present and the future: ready to welcome, the news of tomorrow.

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