We build identity (the brand), which is not just the logo, the branding, the enterprise name or the packaging.

Your Brand identity consists of much more:

  • The name of the company/product,
  • The soul of the product,
  • The Service that resides in the customer’s mind
  • How your employees interact
  • Customer advocacy & perception

If you want to make the public aware of you, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, if you want to enhance your strengths, then you need branding.

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Storytelling is the narration of a brand or an activity through images. Today we are constantly submerged in information, in this context it becomes difficult for readers to select the information they need.

Therefore, images and videos become core allies of brands. Furthermore, allowing us to communicate our message quickly and immediately. It’s important to leave a lasting trace in people’s minds.

Use visuals to tell your story

Visual content creates interesting stories that cannot be written. Visual storytelling allows us to communicate immediately and simplify understanding. It’s suggested to use a mix of emotion & informative material to produce engaging content.

Among its main advantages, we have the opportunity to improve the awareness and reputation of a brand, to establish a relationship with our fans and improve engagement with our online communities.

By increasing the visibility and sharing of content, we also improve traffic to websites and boost sales in the long term.

Evaluating the needs of our customers

We begin a journey that goes from three to five days in which our specialists help you find solutions to the critical issues with your branding. We’ll use simplification exercises and design to create a prototype that can be used with users in real-time.

It is the best way to reduce the costs of developing an idea that has yet to mature, creating real and specific practices for future developments.

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Many people think that making a website is just writing a few pages and making a nice graphic, but they do not look deep enough into the problem of neither reaching new customers, nor studying the best way to facilitate the navigation of a new potential customer.

Always remember: a company website is needed to get new customers so it must clearly explain who you are, what you do and how you can be useful to those looking for services within your industry.

How do we analyze corporate branding?

  • By observing the corporate image on the web and how we want the client to perceive it
  • By understanding where your customers are coming from & how they interact with content

We have seen and answered a number of technical questions about ranking, logos and content. But, we have noticed that very few Corporate Brand Managers ask themselves this question:

How does the final customer perceive your corporate image on the web?

Through a corporate branding activity, we want to promote a corporate image through the use of distinctive names or symbols and at the same time, encourage customer loyalty.

In order for a branding activity to be effective ask yourself four more questions. Such as:

What is my target audience?

It is essential to know how to “draw” and “map” your “typical Customer” to best define your business.

How to build my brand image?

In this case it is useful to contact a Content Marketing Manager in order to produce a large variety of content. Moreover, place your brand name at the front! On the tip of the customer’s tongue.

How to reach my audience?

Web marketing is definitely the right answer when targetting the needs of your audience. GDA media are specialists in customer targeting, improving website conversions and boosting revenue.

What results did I get?

This question is not to be neglected.

It is essential to continuously monitor the results obtained to better understand brand strength’s and weaknesses and ensure you’re receiving a return on investment (ROI) from recent marketing activities.

Contact our experts and let’s discuss more about your company’s Corporate Branding.

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