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The online sales market is growing steadily with many new users approaching online shopping for the first time using an e-commerce platform.

Why is E-commerce so popular with consumers?

Thanks to e-commerce it is possible to involve the customer by providing everything immediately. In fact, those who buy online have several advantages: the price, the chance to compare, the assortment of products and home delivery.

The most daring entrepreneurs know very well that the internet offers an unprecedented business opportunity. That’s why the e-commerce business is always flourishing.

Understand the E-commerce market

However, some think that opening an online store is simple and cheap. Unfortunately, it is not so, in fact there are very few e-commerce sites that consistently achieve success. When creating your e-commerce website, you need a professional partner like GDA Media that has several years of digital marketing experience and the knowledge to develop complex websites that convert customers and maintain high levels of turnover.

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Opening an e-commerce isn’t as simple as it sounds! You’ll start with the desire to earn easy money; thinking that opening an online store has fewer risks and costs, compared to that of a traditional store.

Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. This is why…

The traditional store has fixed costs, such as rent, furniture and utilities. Although, an online store doesn’t – your rent covers SEO, PPC advertising costs & Social Media.

What’s involved in E-commerce development?

  • When you decide to open an online store, you first need to know and evaluate all costs, which can be even more expensive than those of a traditional store, but this depends on many factors.
  • On the Internet there are no people who stop to look at the window. In order to obtain online traffic, strategic guidelines are required that take into account the customer’s purchase path.
  • In any case, an e-commerce site, cannot live long without advertising investments, which in fact compensate, and sometimes exceed, the fixed costs of a physical store.

The differences should make you reflect on the wrong perception entrepreneurs have when running an e-commerce website. GDA Media will provide you with full end to end support when producing a website, assisting with page designs, landing pages, advertising strategies and producing site-wide content.


The costs depend on many factors: services/products sold, competition, marketing strategies, innovation in commercial management and employee skills.  Today those who decide to open an online store must have clear ideas, especially on the costs to be incurred.

For costs we mean, those necessary for the development of marketing and communication strategies that, if planned with a concise method, will lead to success and to an improvement in revenue.

The Internet is an ocean full of hungry sharks. A small fish cannot survive for long without an effective strategy.

GDA Media can tailor a perfect e-commerce website that will follow all your customer’s needs, by providing a winning solution that’s built for future growth.


After you created your business plan, you should choose the right technologies to ensure your e-commerce website is positioned perfectly online. Before doing that, you will need:

The E-commerce Essentials

  • A domain name: —
  • The Hosting Platform is the engine that manages your e-commerce site. This can be difficult to choose, and budget dependent. The team at GDA Media, will recommend the best solution. We work daily with different Hosting Platforms & Providers. Therefore, we’re able to recommend the most cost-effective solutions.
  • The e-commerce Platform can be tailored or open source. For those who have a limited budget and want to start with something fast and simple, then we’ll recommend one of the more renowned systems. Such as: WordPress, WooCommerce, Open Cart, Magento, Prestashop and osComemerce
  • A Web Design Template that is ready to go and is scalable. We will design, develop and work on it together to implement features and marketing tools.
  • Choose reliable and secure Payment Methods that your customers will feel most comfortable with, like: PayPal, WorldPay, Visa, Mastercard or Skrill. Additionally, having a variety of different payment methods opens your website more competitively to the International marketplace.

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