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At Genius Digital Agency we specialize in maximizing revenue and boosting website traffic, through agile and efficient digital marketing tactics.

We provide tailored Digital Marketing Solutions. Whether you’re just starting out, you own a small to medium business (SMB) or manage a larger corporation.

Do you want to increase your customer base? Do you want to improve your brand’s recognition? Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) will guide you towards a profitable path, increasing web traffic, conversions, and turnover.

Our team of experts is ready to teach you how to increase your income, your ROI and your company branding. We will take you hand by hand and will guide you trough a deep market development process.

Need to improve your ROI?

We will provide the tools to measure your traffic and your conversions. Bringing customers to your door and spreading your brand across the world.

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Claim your Free Market Analysis & Consultation

In order to launch a new marketing project with Genius Digital Agency, we’ll provide a free market analysis and consultation to help you get started.

Our Customers are at the forefront of our business. Precision, agility and efficiency are our key traits. Which we put in when producing all our clients’ marketing strategies.

To claim your Free Marketing Consultation and Website Analysis simply complete our short form online today. We will provide the tools to help launch profitable brand & conversion-focused marketing campaigns.

In addition, our creative, programmatic and development teams focus not only on conversions but, also ensure all elements of your marketing communications mix are consistently aligned with your business goals.

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Dedication, Structure & Personalization

We follow our customers and strive to offer them the best service and support to satisfy all their marketing requirements.

Personalization is key, we maintain a consistent flow of communication with our clients providing in depth reports and updates about activities, changes and growth.

Growth Marketing Solutions for Startups

Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media). Your Startup Marketing Partner.

The team at Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) specialize in supporting startups across the globe.

Our marketing strategies are created with the perfect balance of concrete structure and agility. Which will certify a clear path to substantial growth.

Will help you to growth & expand

Learn more about our Startup Marketing Strategy, our Digital Marketing Services and how we can help you get through that expensive and daunting first year in business.

The Latest Technology in Your Hands

We’ll provide you with the tools to measure your traffic and your conversions. Which will ensure that you come to the right conclusions, improving your marketing performance. Our marketing strategy will bring the customers to you and ensure you’re only reaching the most relevant audiences.

At the touch of a button you will receive all campaign data, including ranking and traffic statistics. With our algorithms and optimization processes you will get the BEST from our technologies.

We can connect all your traffic sources (SEO, SEM, Social Media & Email) in just one place and in one analytical environment with advanced and modern reporting.

Our user-friendly reporting interface will help you and your employees to make informative decisions at the right moment.


We analyze our client’s market and determine the best solutions to help increase revenue.


SEO ensures you maintain a competitive online position. As well as becoming one of your strongest sources of revenue and website traffic.


We’ll run efficient & cost effective paid campaigns to boost your competitiveness in the online space.


Our designers will deliver a fully branded and responsive website. That is fit for purpose across all devices.


Our Social Advertising team will connect your company with new communities across social media. Let’s get your brand trending!


Need to spread your voice all over the world in different languages? We’ll create the content that makes your brand famous.


Sell your products online by using a tailored E-commerce solution that will spread your products and brand all over the world.


Now that your brand is famous, we’ll improve your traffic and increase the buzz for your brand by obtaining higher conversion rates.

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Genius Digital Agency (GDA Media) Performance

Customer Satisfaction 93%
Time to Market Projects 100%
Customer Increase in 2018 57%
Branding Success 87%

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Made for Success

Development organizations face a long list of challenges from personnel reductions, tight budgets, rising costs, increasing security risks and ever-increasing competition for funding.

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